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Beth Spiegel is an author/illustrator based

in Los Angeles. Both parents were artists,

so working in the visual arts came early

and naturally.

One of the earliest gigs she remembers

is tracing drawings for animated commercials

with her father when he worked for

Jay Ward Studios (creators of Rocky and Bullwinkle).

She was nine years old.

Her first illustrating job came about when author Barbara Bottner saw an exhibition of Beth's watercolors of abandoned buildings at the PASADENA HISTORICAL MUSEUM and was inspired to write                Years later this quiet picture book was sold to Peachtree Publishers.

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Since then, Beth has created visual stories as a fine art painter, illustrator, and animator. She has also edited award-winning documentaries for National Geographic, Warner Brothers, Paramount Vantage and IMAX. The storytelling skills and persistence learned in these fields help her when creating books for children.

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